Fall & Winter at the Farm

We frequently get comments that it must be nice not to work in the fall and winter - we agree, it would be nice! But the farm is still busy, albeit at a slower pace and timing more to our choosing - up to a point.

All of the perennial plants have to be cut back, weeded, and packed away on the 'zones' out in the field. Timing for covering them with plastic is critical: too early and they'll fry under the cover; too late and snow on top will have to be swept off to cover them. All annuals, except for stock plants, are pitched on the compost pile. The shrubs get piled on top of each other on one zone and covered - quite a pile for sure!

The greenhouse concrete floor is vacuumed and sterilized to remove any mold or lingering little bugs. The troughs in the Westbrook Greenhouse are scrubbed and sterilized. Supply orders for soil and pots are received and tucked away ready for planting in late January, early February.

And then of course, there's all the plant ordering so you'll have great plants to purchase in the spring!

If you need to reach us before we open mid-April:
Ben can answer plant questions:
Wendy will take orders for pies and scones (3 days notice please):

PS: For all you people who contact us to order partridge berry wreaths: It's not us you got them from - never have made or sold them.

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