This page has several resources that we hope will be of use to all gardeners. Please understand that these lists do not represent the inventory at the Farm. We only grow plants that will gow well in our zone (Zones 4 or 5); these lists include plants from all zones.

Deer Proof Plants
There is no such thing as "deer proof" plants. And even "deer resistant" plants may be eaten given the right conditions - when food is scarce due to weather or there are just too many deer. But this list from Rutgers University shows everything from 'rarely damaged' to 'frequently damaged.'

Common Names
The list from Wikipedia for Common Names is extensive to say the least! And plants are known by different names in different regions. Most nurseries, Wayside Farm included, use the botanical, or latin, name for plants. That being said, we also know the common names - most of the time. This list will help all of us when we're stumped!

Need help planting daylilies? Here's Ben's instructions for success:
Daylily Planting Guide

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