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Great Northern Berries

Shrubs for 2014

Updated March 6, 2014

This years Shrub page is broken into Shrub'ry, and...

Great Northern Berries small fruits (as listed below).

Information on our berry plants including pictures, descriptions and pricing may be found at the               Great Northern Berries website:


Buddleia davidii  "Black Knight"
Clethra a. "Ruby Spice"
Cornus baileyi  (Red Twigged Dogwood)
Cotinus  "Royal Purple"
Forsythia  "Meadowlark"
Forsythia  "Northern Gold"
Hydrangea  "Endless Summer"
Hydrangea  "Twist-n-Shout"
Hydrangea arbor. "Annabelle"

Hydrangea arbor. "Annabelle"

Hydrangea paniculata grandiflora
Hydrangea paniculata "Great Star"
Hydrangea paniculata "Limelight"
Hydrangea paniculata "Little Lamb"
Hydrangea paniculata "Little Lime"
Hydrangea paniculata "Tardiva"
Hydrangea paniculata "Tickled Pink"
Hydrangea paniculata "Vanilla Strawberry"
Philadelphus  "Snowbelle"
Philadelphus  "Blizzard"
Physocarpus op.  "Diabolo"  (Ninebark)
Physocarpus op. "Summer Wine" (Ninebark)
Potentilla frut. "Goldstar"
Rhododendron  "Lemon Drop"
Rhododendron  "Lollipop"
Rhododendron  "Parade"
Rhododendron  "Westons Innocence"
Rose, Hardy Shrub  "Blanc De Coubert"
Rose, Hardy Shrub  "Frau Dagmar"
Rose, Hardy shrub  "High Voltage Yellow"
Rose, Hardy Shrub  "Hope for Humanity"
Rose, Hardy Shrub  "Kashmir"
Rose, Hardy Shrub  "Prairie Sunrise"
Rose, Hardy Shrub "Therese Bugnet"
Rose, Hardy Shurb  "Marie Bugnet"
Rose, Hardy Shurb  "Rugosa Red"
Sambucus nigra "Black Lace"
Spirea vanhoutteii (Bridalwreath spirea)
Syringa (Lilac)  "Charles Joly"
Syringa (Lilac)  "Common Purple"
Syringa (Lilac)  "Miss Canada"
Syringa (Lilac)  "Miss Ellen Willmott"
Syringa (Lilac)  "Monge" (red purple)
Syringa (Lilac)  "President Grevy"
Syringa (Lilac)  "Sensation"
Syringa (Lilac) "Declaration" (red-purple)
Syringa (Lilac) "Ludwig Spath"(red-purple)
Weigela  "French Lace"
Weigela  "Red Prince"
Weigela  "White Night"
Weigela  "Wine and Roses"
Weigela "Rumba"
Weigela f. variegata

Great Northern Berries small fruits

Aronia mel. "Viking" (chokecherry)
Blueberry  "Bluecrop"  (highbush)
Blueberry  "Blueray"    (highbush)
Blueberry  "Chandler"  (highbush)
Blueberry  "Duke"       (highbush)
Blueberry  "Northland"(highbush)
Blueberry  "Northsky" (lowbush)
Blueberry  "Patriot"    (highbush)
Grape  "Bluebell"
Grape  "Frontenac Gris" (white wine type)
Grape  "Marquette"        (red wine type)
Grape  "Reliance"          (red seedless type)
Honeyberry  "Aurora"  (lonicera caerulea)
Honeyberry  "Berry Blue"     (lonicera caerulea)
Honeyberry  "Blue Bird"      (lonicera caerulea)
Honeyberry  "Blue Forest"   (lonicera caerulea)
Honeyberry  "Blue Mist"      (lonicera caerulea)
Honeyberry  "Blue Moon"    (lonicera caerulea)
Honeyberry  "Blue Nova"     (lonicera caerulea)
Honeyberry  "Blue Pacific"   (lonicera caerulea)
Honeyberry  "Blue Pagoda"  (lonicera caerulea)
Honeyberry  "Blue Sea"       (lonicera caerulea)
Honeyberry  "Blue Sky"       (lonicera caerulea)
Honeyberry  "Blue Velvet"   (lonicera caerulea)
Honeyberry  "Borealis"        (lonicera caerulea)
Honeyberry  "Cinderella"    (lonicera caerulea)
Honeyberry  "Honey Bee"   (lonicera caerulea)
Honeyberry  "Indigo Gem"  (lonicera caerulea)
Honeyberry  "Indigo Treat" (lonicera caerulea)
Honeyberry  "Polar Jewel"  (lonicera caerulea)
Honeyberry  "Tundra"        (lonicera caerulea)
Malus "Snowdrift"  (White Flowered Crab)
Prunus cerasus  "Crimson Jewel" (dwarf cherry)
Prunus cerasus  "Crimson Passion" (dwarf cherry)
Prunus cerasus  "Evans Bali" (dwarf cherry)
Raspberry  "Jaclyn" (ever-bearing)
Raspberry  "Joan J" (ever-bearing)
Raspberry  "Nova"  (summer-bearer)
Raspberry  "Polana" (ever-bearing)
Raspberry  "Royalty"  (purple)
Sambucus nigra "Samdal"   (elderberry)
Sambucus nigra "Samyl"    (elderberry)
Saskatoon  "Northline"
Saskatoon  "Smokey"
Strawberry  "Mara des Bois" (everbearing)
Strawberry "Albion"     (everbearing)
Strawberry "Monteray"   (everbearing)
Strawberry "Portula"   (everbearing)
Strawberry "San Andreas"   (everbearing)