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We define 'annuals' as those flowering and foliage plants which will not survive the winter outdoors in our northern climate. This very general, but simple term captures all those annuals, biennials, herbs, vegetables, and tender perennials which die in winter outdoors and differentiated from those plants we consider to be truly hardy perennials and shrubs.

On this page, our 'Annuals' include bedding plants, potted specialty plants, accent foliage plants, hanging baskets, and mixed container plants. We've also included annual grasses and vines in separate lists to help you design your own container pots. Remember Ben's 'recipe' for great containers: thrillers (tall plants in center), spillers (vines around the outside), and fillers (to fill in the pot).

We offer our annual selection in a variety of pot sizes, and prices, from packs and pots for planting into a garden or planters, 6 and 8" pots for quick color and fill-out, and planters, combination and hanging pots all ready to enjoy. Specifically, we grow 'seeded' annuals in 4-packs, 6-packs and individual 3" pots. Our Specialty Annuals (those grown vegetatively: from cuttings) are generally available in 3, 4 1/2", 5" or 6 inch pots. Vegetables are generally grown in 4 or six packs. Vegetatively produced herbs are grown in 4" pots; seeded herbs in packs or pots


As the snow disappears: usually mid-April or so, hardy annuals become available such as pansies, petunias, violas and dianthus. By Mother's Day the greenhouse is full of colorful flowering annuals and potted plants. Our latest frosts here are generally near the end of May, after which tender vegetables and garden plants may be safely set out.

Bedding plants, specialty annuals, hanging baskets and combination pots are available for gardeners throughout May and June. In July and August, large colorful planters and hanging baskets and mixed combination pots are available. These showy specimens can brighten up porches, decks, and patios as the season progresses. See our listing of Annuals below for the varieties we growing this year at Wayside Farm. Be sure to also check out our perennials: many are in their prime in mid-summer!


Annuals, Annual Grasses and Vines, Speciman & Foliage Plants, and Annual Tender Succulents
Please click on an underlined selection for the complete listings. Our new varieties for 2018 are listed in red.


2018 Annual Plant List

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Agastache "Kudos Mandarin"
Agastache "Kudos Yellow"
Ageratum "Cloud 9 Blue"
Allysum "Snow Crystals"
Angelonia "Archangel Cherry"
Angelonia "Archangel Dark Purple"
Angelonia "Archangel White"
Argyranthemum "Butterfly"
Argyranthemum "Madiera Primrose"

Bacopa "MegaCopa White"
Begonia "Dragon Wings Red"
Begonia "Sprint Red"(greenleaf wax begonia)
Begonia "Sprint Rose"(greenleaf wax begonia)
Begonia "Sprint White" (greenleaf wax begonia)
Begonia bol. "Waterfall Angel Soft Pink"
Begonia boliv. "Bossa Nova Pure White"
Begonia boliv. "Encanto Orange"
Begonia boliv. "Encanto Red"
Begonia boliv. "Santa Cruz Sunset"
Begonia boliv. "Waterfall Angel Soft Pink"
Browallia "Blue Bells"

Calibrachoa " Caberet Bright Red"
Calibrachoa "Can Can Hot Pink Star"
Calibrachoa "Can Can Orange"
Calibrachoa "Conga Coral Kiss"
Calibrachoa " Conga Orange Kiss"
Calibrachoa "Conga Red"
Calibrachoa "Conga Rose Kiss"
Calibrachoa "Conga Sun Kiss"
Calibrachoa "Lindura Cosmo Dk. Purple"
Calibrachoa "Lindura Cosmos Hot Pink"
Calibrachoa-Lindura-Cosmos-Hot-PinkCalibrachoa Lindura Cosmos Hot Pink
Calibrachoa "Lindura Dark Purple"
Calibrachoa "Lindura Whiite w/Yellow"
Calibrachoa "Million Bells Trailing Blue"
Calibrachoa "Million Bells Trailing Magenta"
Calibrachoa "Million Bells Trailing Yellow"


Celosia plumosa "First Flame mix"
Celosia plumosa "New Look"
Cineraria "Senetti Super Blue"
Cleome "Cleo Magenta"
Cleome Cleo MagentaCleome Cleo Magenta
Cleome "Cleo Pink Lady"
Cleome "Queen Cherry"
Cleome "Queen Violet"
Cleome "Queen White"
Cosmos "Sensation Mix"
Cosmos "Sonata White"
Cuphea hyss. "Floriglory Diana"
Cuphea hyss. "Floriglory Maria"
Cuphea hyss. "Floriglory Sofia"

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Dahlia "Figaro mix"
Dahlia "Hypnotica Bronze"
Dahlia "Hypnotica Lavender"
Dahlia "Hypnotica Lavender"
Dahlia "Hypnotica Orange"
Dahlia "Hypnotica Red"
Dahlia "Hypnotica White"
Dahlia "Mystic Illusion" (lt. yellow)
Dianthus "Telstar mix"
Digitalis "Foxlight Plum Gold"
Digitalis "Foxlight Rose Ivory"

Euphorbia "Gloria"
Euphorbia "Star Dust White Flash"
Europs "Sonnenschein"

Fuschia "Bonstead Gartenmeister"
Fuschia "Dark Eyes"
Fuschia "Eruptions"
Fuschia EruptionsFuschia Eruptions
Fuschia "Sunbeam Rocky"
Fuschia "Swingtime"

Gazania "New Day Tiger Mix"
Geranium "Americana Coral"
Geranium "Americana White"
Geranium "Fidelity Dark Red"
Geranium "Rocky Mountain Light Pink"
Geranium "Rocky Mountain Pink"
Geranium "Rocky Mountain Red"
Geranium "Rocky Mountain Salmon"
Geranium "Rocky Mountain White"
Geranium "Tango Orange"
Geranium "Tango Rose Mega Splash"
Gerbera "Patio Bighorn"
Gerbera "Patio Volcano"

Heliotrope "Marine Blue"
Hypoestes "Splash White"

Impatiens "Fusion Glow Orange"
Impatiens "Super Bright Orange"
Impatiens "Super Elfin Clear Mix"
Impatiens "Super Elfin Lipstick"
Impatiens "Super Elfin Salmon"
Impatiens "Super Elfin White"
Impatiens "Super Elfin XP Red"

Lantana "Evita Lemon"
Lantana "Evita Pink"
Lantana "Evita Red"
Lantana "Evita White"
Lavatera "Barnsley"
Lavatera "Eyecatcher"
Lobelia "Hot Water Blue"
Lobelia "Hot White"
Lobelia "Riviera Springtime Blues mix"

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Marigold "Bonanza Mix"
Marigold "Inca Orange"
Marigold "Inca Yellow"
Marigold "Janie Primrose" (soft yellow)
Marigold "Janie Tangerine"
Marigold "Vanilla"
Marigold "Zenith Lemon Yellow"

Nemesia "Spicy Yellow"
New Guinea Impatiens "Amuna"
New Guinea Impatiens "Betio, dark"
New Guinea Impatiens "Bonaire"
New Guinea Impatiens "Coiba"
New Guinea Impatiens "Malita"
New Guinea Impatiens "Moorea"
New Guinea Impatiens "Moyo"
New Guinea Impatiens "Papete"
New Guinea Impatiens "Timor"
Nicotiana "Perfume mix"

Osteospermum "Serenity Bronze"
Osteospermum "Serenity Dark Purple"
Osteospermum "Serenity Lemonade"
Osteospermum "Serenity Red"
Osteospermum "Serenity White"

Pansy "Crown Blue"
Pansy "Crown Golden"
Pansy "Spring Matrix mix"
Pentas "Pinata Pink"
Pentas "Pinata Red"
Pentas "Pinata White"
Petunia floribunda "Total Madness"
Petunia floribunda "White Madness"
Portulaca "Happy Hour Banana"
Portulaca "Happy Hour Dp. Red"
Portulaca "Happy Hour Orange"
Portulaca "Happy Hour Rosita"

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Ranunculus "Mache mix"
Rudbeckia hirta "Indian Summer"
Rudbeckia hirta "Prairie Sun"
Rudbeckia hirta "Toto Lemon"

Salvia "Mystic Spires Blue"
Salvia farinacea "Evolution Violet"
Salvia farinacea "Victoria Blue"
Salvia gregii "Mirage Cherry Red"
Salvia gregii "Suncrest Golden Girl"
Salvia splendens "Red Hot Sally"
Snapdragon "Liberty Crimson"
Snapdragon "Liberty Rose-pink"
Snapdragon "Liberty White"
Snapdragon "Liberty Yellow"
Snapdragon "Rocket mix"
Snapdragon "Snapshot Mix"
Statice "QIS mix"
Stock "Vintage mix"
Streptocarpella "Concord"
Sunflower "Autumn Beauty"
Sunflower "Pro Cut Gold"

Trailing Petunia "Black Magic"
Trailing Petunia "Surfina Baby Com. Purple"
Trailing Petunia "Surfina Deep Red"
Trailing Petunia "Surfina Giant Blue"
Trailing Petunia "Surfina Rose Vein"
Trailing Petunia "Surfina Sky Blue"
Trailing Petunia "Surfina White"
Trailing Petunia "Surfina Wild Plum"
Trailing Petunia "Surfina Yellow"
Tuberous Begonia "Nonstop Deep Rose"
Tuberous Begonia "Nonstop Orange"
Tuberous Begonia "Nonstop Red"
Tuberous Begonia "Nonstop White"
Tuberous Begonia "Nonstop Yellow"

Verbena bonariensis "Buenos Aires"
Verbena bonariensis "Little One"
Verbena bonariensis "Lollipop"
Vinca (catharanthus) "Titan Apricot"
Vinca (catharanthus) "Titan Dark Red"
Vinca (catharanthus) "Titan Pure White"

Zinnia "Benary's Giant Deep Red"
Zinnia "Benary's Giant mix"
Zinnia "Cut and Come Again mix"
Zinnia "Magellan mix"
Zinnia "Profusion Red"
Zinnia "Profusion White"
Zinnia "Zahara Bonfire mix"
Zinnia "Zahara Raspberry Lemonade mix"
Zinnia "Zahara Starlight Rose"
Zinnia "Zahara Sunburst"
Zinnia "Zahara Yellow"

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2018 Annual Grasses and Vines

Cyperus papyrus "Little Prince"

Juncus "Blue Dart"
Panicum (Millet) "Copper Prince"
Pennisetum rubrum "



Bidens "Giant Sun compact"
Cascade Geranium "Acapulco" (pink & white)
Cascade Geranium "Bright"
Cascade Geranium "Sophie"
Hydrocotyle s. "Variegata"
Ivy Geranium "Contessa Burgundy"
Lobularia "Awesome White" (trailing sweet allysum)
Lothospermum "Compact Rose"
Lothospermum "Compact White"
Morning Glory "Heavenly Blue" (ipomoea)
Muehlenbeckia (Creeping Wirevine)
Nasturtium "Alaska mix"
Nasturtium "Flamethrower Burgandy"
Nasturtium "Flamethrower Gold"
Nasturtium "Red Wonder"
Sanvitalia "Solaris Yellow"
Sanvitalia "Sunvy Supergold"
Sanvitalia "Sunvy Trailing"
Scaevola "Scalora Brilliant"
Scaevola "Top Pot White"
Sweet potato vine "Spotlite Black" (ipomoea)
Sweet potato vine "Spotlite Lime" (ipomoea)
Sweet potato vine "Spotlite Red" (ipomoea)

Thunbergia "Arizona Rose"
Thunbergia "Lemon"


Thunbergia "Sunny Suzy Brownie"
Thunbergia "Sunny Suzy Red-Orange"
Thunbergia "White"
Torenia "Summer Wave Large Blue"
Trailing Verbena "Estrella Peach"
Trailing Verbena "Lindolena White"
Trailing Verbena "Temari Blue
Trailing Verbena "Temari Red"
Vinca "Maculata"
Vinca vine, variegated(Vinca major)

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2018 Annual Specimen & Foliage Plant List

Begonia "Gryphon"
Calocephalus "Silver Stone"
Capsicum "Black Pearl"(ornament. pepper)
Coleus "Flame Thrower Habernero"
Coleus "Indian Summer"
Coleus "Inferno"
Coleus "Ruby Slipper"
Coleus "Wasabi"
Coleus "Main Street 5th Avenue"
Coleus "Main Street Abbey Road"
Coleus "Main Street Chartres Street
Coleus Chartres StreetColeus Main Street Chartres Street
Coleus "Main Street Dutch Mill Drive"
Coleus "Main Street River Walk"
Coleus "MainStreet Ruby Road"
Coleus "Main Street Wall Street"
Colocasia "Black Magic" (elephant ears)
Dracena "Spikes"
Dusty Miller "New Look"
Helichrysum "Licorice Petite"
Helichrysum "Petite"
Helichrysum "Silver"
Oxalis vulc. "Burgundy"
Plectranthus "Mona Lavender"
Plectranthus Mona LavenderPlectranthus Mona Lavender
Plectranthus coleoides variegata (swedish ivy)
Rex Begonia "Jurasssic Grn. Streak"
Rex Begonia "Jurasssic Swirl"
Rex Begonia "Jurasssic Watermelon"
Rex Begonia "Escargot"
Rex Begonia "Rondeau"
Setcreasea "Purple Heart"
Setcreasea "Purple Queen"
Tibouchina "Rich Blue Sun" (princess flower)
Tibouchina Rich Blue SunTibouchina Rich Blue Sun
Tibouchina urvilleana (princess flower)

2018 Annual Tender Succulent List

Delosperma "Violet Wonder"
Delosperma Violet WonderDelosperma Violet Wonder (Ice Plant)
Delosperma "White Wonder"
Lampranthus aur. "Orange" (iceplant)
Lampranthus aur. "Pink" (iceplant)
Senecio bar. "Blue"

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