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Hostas are exceedingly popular perennials in today's gardens due to their versatility in the landscape. Their subtle colors, tall flower scapes, and broad, coarse leaves fill a niche in garden designs that few other plants can achieve. Their large leaves provide excellent coverage for dying bulb foliage. Hostas also grow well in city environments where the air may be polluted by car exhaust and othe contaminents.

Our new varieties for 2019 are listed in red.
Please be aware that these lists comprise plants that we order from sources around the world in seed or unrooted cuttings; sometimes items from our orders are unavailable. We make every effort to keep the lists up to date, but occasionally a plant is listed that never arrived. Email us at to verify availability for a specific plant.

Hosta  "Abiqua Drinking Gourd"
Hosta  "American Sweetheart"
Hosta  "Angel Falls"
              Hosta "Angel Falls"        Hosta Angel Falls
                                                                                       Mid-size 16" tall spreading to 38"; pink shaded flowers
Hosta  "August Moon"
Hosta  "Austin Dickinson"
Hosta  "Blue Angel"
Hosta  "Blue Ivory"
Hosta  "Blue Mouse Ears"
Hosta  "Blue Umbrella"
Hosta  "Bright Lights"
Hosta  "Broad Band"
Hosta  "Brother Stephan"
Hosta  "Candy Hearts"
Hosta  "Captain Kirk"
Hosta  "Captain Kirk"
Hosta  "Crowned Imperial"
Hosta  "Curly Fries"
Hosta  "Dancing Queen"
Hosta  "Diamond Tiara"
Hosta  "Dream Weaver"
Hosta  "Earth Angel"
Hosta  "Electrocution"
Hosta  "Empress Wu"
Hosta Empress Wu  Hosta "Empress Wu"
     Maybe the largest Hosta ever: grows to 4' tall and 4'-5' wide in 5-8 years!
     Gigantic deeply veined 2' leaves!
Hosta  "First Frost"
Hosta  "Forbidden Fruit"
Hosta  "Francee"
Hosta  "Francis Williams"
Hosta  "Ginko Craig"
Hosta  "Gold Drop"
Hosta  "Gold Edger"
Hosta  "Gold Standard"
Hosta  "Golden Tiara"
Hosta  "Great Expectations"
Hosta  "Guacomale"
Hosta  "Gypsy Rose"
Hosta  "Halcyon"
Hosta  "Half and Half"
   Hosta Half and Half Hosta "Half & Half"
                                              Instant color in spring with pure white centers and dark green margins; 12"tall
Hosta  "Hans"
Hosta  "Happy Dayz"
                       Hosta "Happy Dayz" Hosta Happy Dayz
                                                                          Cheerful Hosta that livens up shade gardens; 18" tall
Hosta  "Hudson Bay"
                                                             Hosta "Hudson Bay"   Hosta Hudson Bay
                                                                                                       Wide bright blue margin with apple green contrast
                                                                                                        nicely with creamy white center; 24 " tall
Hosta  "Humpback Whale"
Hosta  "Independence"
Hosta  "Island Breeze"
Hosta  "June Spirit"
Hosta  "June"
Hosta  "Jurrasic Park"
Hosta  "Krossa Regal"
Hosta  "Lakeside Banana Bay"
Hosta  "Lakeside Cupcake"
Hosta  "Maui Buttercups"
Hosta  "Mighty Mouse"
Hosta  "Mini Skirt"
Hosta  "Munchkin Fire"
Hosta  "Neptune"
Hosta  "Niagara Falls"
Hosta  "Night Before Christmas"
Hosta  "Northern Exposure"
Hosta  "Old Glory"
Hosta  "Olive Bailey Langdon"
Hosta  "One Last Dance"
Hosta  "Pandora's Box"
Hosta  "Paradigm"
Hosta  "Patriot"
Hosta  "Platinum Tiara"
Hosta  "Pocket Full of Sunshine"
                     Hosta "Pocket Full of Sunshine"  Hosta Pocket Full of Sunshine
                                                           Cute, small Hosta, 9" tall, grows quickly to form compact clump;
                                                           chartreuse center in spring brightens as season progresses
Hosta  "Praying Hands"
Hosta  "Pure Heart"
Hosta  "Rainbows End"
Hosta  "Rainforest Sunrise"
Hosta  "Regal Splendor"
Hosta  "Revolution"
Hosta  "Royal Standard"
Hosta  "Sagae" (fluctuans "variegata")
Hosta  "So Sweet"
Hosta  "Stained Glass"
Hosta  "Stiletto"
Hosta  "Striptease"
Hosta  "Sum and Substance"
Hosta  "Sun Mouse"
  Hosta Sun Mouse  Hosta "Sun Mouse"
        Miniature Hosta, 6" tall, with brilliant yellow leaves; morning sun or
        filtered shade for best yellow color
Hosta  "Sunset Grooves"
Hosta  "Touch of Class"
Hosta  "Victory"
Hosta  "Vulcan"
Hosta  "Waterslide"
                                                      Hosta "Waterslide" Hosta Waterslide
                                              Beautiful blue Hosta with wavy, ruffled leaves; 14" tall; 32" wide
Hosta  "Whirlwind"
Hosta  "Wide Brim"
Hosta  "Wolverine"
Hosta  montana "Aureo-marginata"
Hosta  sieboldiana "Elegans"
Hosta  tok. "Flavo-circinalis"
Hosta  undulata "Variegated"
Hosta  ventricosa

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