Our Plants

Our Plants


Wayside Farm offers many interesting and unique plants which we grow and sell right here in North Sandwich; we don't buy plants for re-sale. Annuals, hanging, baskets, perennials, shrubs - everything to meet your gardening needs. We also have the supplies to enhance your growing sucess: soil, mulch, compost, fertilizer, stakes, and much more. And of course, everyone needs a Wayside Farm cap!

All of our plants have our printed tags giving you precise growing instructions for successful gardening. Full sun means six hours of sun or at least three hours of hot sun which would include noon sun. Partial shade or sun means, perhaps, early morning until 11 AM, then shade, or sun 4 PM untll dark, more or less sun or shade, depending on your plant selection. It can also mean filtered sun under a tree all day, especially good for Hostas. Some plants like to dry out completely before watering again, some like to be moist (not wet) all the time; our tags should provide that information.

Among our annuals are 12 varieties of coleus, which are lovely as accent plants in mixed pots or specimen plants to grow in large pots in partial sun. Our begonias, rex, reiger, tuberous, boliviensis, and wax, are gorgeous.

Some main street and off the beaten path annuals to look for: trachelium, tibouchina, 5 colors of thungergia, lavatera, unusual nasturtiums, and 11 varieties of zinnias!

We grow over 70 varieties of easy-to-grow hostas from tiny miniatures to huge specimen plants which are great for parital sun or shade.

Daylilies come in old favorites, tetraploids, and exotic new colors - 50 plus varieties.

Our 11 varieties of heucheras are a much loved plant for mixed pots or shade gardens.

Mountain laurels - Kalmia - are a beautiful shade shrub with year-round foliage and delicate but exotic flowers.

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