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Perennial hardiness.... We grow many varieties of perennial at Wayside Farm all of which are hardy to Zone 3 or 4. Our winters here are harsh; if the plants survive North Sandwich, you can be assured of their zone-hardiness for our area. Please remember that proper soil preparation and site location are as important to success as zone hardiness, which merely classifies area minimum temperatures. Too wet a site will prevent proper air from remaining in the soil, and can result in failure of the plants to thrive. Also, be wary of fertilizing new plantings too heavily.

As perennials fill out, they may be divided or thinned to prevent crowding. Best to divide early in spring, when plants are only a few inches tall, or at the end of summer when they can be cut back prior to digging. Moving or dividing perennials (or shrubs) when fully leafed out or during hot weather will cause great stress and may kill them!

Most of our perennials are potted in 3 or 4 quart containers and are available as soon as they emerge from the soil, starting in late April. As the season warms and plants put on growth, many more varieties become available. See our listing of Perennials for the the varieties we grow here at Wayside Farm.

Garden preparation.... Put a bit of thought into preparing new gardens; the ground should be free of weeds and weed seeds if possible. Work in as much organic material as you can justify (perhaps as much as 50% of the original ground, if soil is poor). Add 10 pounds of lime or wood ash per 100 square feet if the area hasn't been treated recently: our soils in North Sandwich are naturally too acidic for most vegetables and garden plants. Mix in compost or manure before planting: we would suggest about one pound per square foot. No additional plant food should be needed the first year, unless growing in a restrictive container or growing a vegetable garden. If planting only a few plants, or planting into existing gardens, use a shovel-full of well-aged compost or manure per large plant.

Watering.... Give a good soaking at planting, but try to wean plants from frequent care as soon as they settle in and begin to grow. They will need your help the first year and may also benefit from watering in subsequent years, particularly in the heat of the summer and during drought. Generally, we suggest plating large divisions or gallon pot sized plants during spring summer and early enough in the fall to allow roots to put on a good growth. Planting small plants too late in the fall may give a poor survival rate!


Perennials: Please scroll down to see the entire plant listings. Our new plants for 2018 are in red.

2018 Perennial Ferns, Grasses, and Vines


Adiantum pedatum (maidenhair fern)
Athyrim niponicum "Japanese Painted"
Osmunda cinnamonea "Cinnamon Fern"
Polystichum acros. "Christmas Fern"


Calamagrostis a. "Karl Foerster"
Miscanthus "Morning Light"
Schizachyrium scop. "Standing Ovation"
Schizachyrium scop. "Twilight Zone"


Clematis "Earthquake"
Clematis "Fujimusume (Blue)
Clematis "Henryii"
Clematis "Jackmanii"
Clematis "Little Mermaid"
Clematis "Piilu" (pink)
Clematis "Red Cardinal"
Clematis "The President"

Hydrangea anomala Petiolaris (climbinghydrangea)
Lonicera heckrotti (Honeysuckle vine)

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2018 Perennials

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Achillea "Little Moonshine" (yarrow)

Achillea "Moon Dust" (yarrow)
Achillea "Moonshine" (yarrow)
Achillea "Saucy Seduction" (rose-pink yarrow)
Achillea mil. "New Vintage Red"
Achillea mil. "New Vintage Violet"
Agastache "Little Adder"
Alcea "Spring Celebrities Lemon"
Alcea "Spring Celebrities Purple"
Alcea ros. "Blacknight" (Hollyhock)
Alcea ros. "Mars Magic" (Hollyhock)
Alcea ros. "Radiant Rose" (Hollyhock)
Alcea ros. "Sunshine" (Hollyhock)
Alchemilla mollis (Lady"s Mantle)
Allium "Millenium" (Ornamental onion)
Allysum wulf. "Golden Spring"
Artemesia "Silver Mound"
Asclepias tuberosa
Aster "Island Charm Bahamas"
Aster "Island Charm Samoa"
Aster "Island Charm Tonga"
Aster n.b."Woods Pink"
Aster n.b."Woods Purple"

Baptisia "Carolina Moonlight" (false indigo)
Baptisia "Decadence Lemon Meringue" (false indigo)
Baptisia "Decadence Vanilla Cream" (false indigo)
Baptisia "Purple Smoke" (false indigo)
Baptisia "Sparkling Sapphires" (false indigo)
Baptisia australis (false indigo)
Buddleia davidii "Black Knight" (butterfly bush)
Buddleja dav. "Buzz Ivory" (butterfly bush)
Buddleja dav. "Buzz Magenta" (butterfly bush)
Buddleja dav. "Buzz Midnight" (butterfly bush)
Buddleja dav. "Buzz Purple" (butterfly bush)
Buddleja dav. "Buzz Sky Blue" (butterfly bush)
Buddleja dav. "Flutterby CranRazz" (butterfly bush)

Campanula "Iridescent Bells"
Campanula c. "Clips Deep Blue"
Campanula c. "Rapido Deep Blue"
Campanula c. "Rapido White"
Campanula glomerata "Genti Blue"
Campanula glomerata "Genti White"
Campanula lactiflora "Pritchards"
Centaurea montana "Lavender Mist"
Chelone "Tiny Tortuga" (Turtlehead)
Coreopsis "Tequila Sunrise"
Coreopsis "Uptick Cream"
Coreopsis grand. "Jethro Tull"
Coreopsis v. "Moonbeam"
Coreopsis v. "Sweet Marmalade"
Coreopsis v. "Zagreb"

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Delphinium "Blue Lace" (Millenium)

Delphinium "Bluebird" (Pacific Hyb.)
Delphinium "Cobalt Dreams (Millenium)
Delphinium "Magic Fountain Dark Blue"
Delphinium "Magic Fountain Pure White"
Delphinium "Magic Fountain Sky Blue
Dianthus "Super Trooper Orange"
Dianthus "Super Trooper Velvet White"
Dianthus "Red Star"
Dianthus "Silver Star"
Dianthus "Starburst"
Dianthus "Scent First Passion"
Dicentra spectabilis (Bleeding Heart)
Dictamnus albus albiflorus (gasplant)

Echinacea "Julia" (Coneflower)
Echinacea "Cheyenne Spirit" (Coneflower)
Echinacea "Cleopatra" (Coneflower)
Echinacea "Delicious Pink" (Coneflower)
Echinacea "Fragrant Angel" (Coneflower)
Echinacea "Hot Papaya" (Coneflower)
Echinacea "Orange Skipper" (Coneflower)
Echinacea "Pow Wow White" (Coneflower)
Echinacea "Rainbow Marcella" (Coneflower)
Echinacea "Sombero Salsa Red" (Coneflower)
Eupatorium rug. "Chocolate"

Gaillardia grand. "Arizona Apricot" (blanket flower)
Gaillardia grand. "Arizona Red" (blanket flower)
Gaillardia grand. "Celebration" (blanket flower)
Gaillardia grand. "Fanfare Blaze" (blanket flower)
Gaillardia grand. "Fanfare Citronella" (blanket flower)
Gaillardia grand. "Mesa Peach" (blanket flower)
Gaillardia grand. "Spintop Orange Halo" (blanket flower)
Gaillardia grand. "Sunset Celebration" (blanket flower)
Gentian "True Blue"
Geranium "Brookside"
Geranium "Rozanne"
Geranium wlassovianum
Geum "Alabama Slammer"

Helenium aut. "Fuego"
Helenium aut. "Ranchera"
Helenium aut. "Siesta"
Helenium aut. "Sombrero"
Helenium flexuosum "Tiny Dancer"
Hibiscus "Cranberry Crush"
Hibiscus "Pinot Grigio"
Hibiscus "Pinot Noir"
Hibiscus mosc. "Luna Pink Swirl"
Hibiscus mosc. "Luna Red"
Hibiscus mosc. "Luna White"
Hibiscus mosc. "Plum Crazy"

Iris siberica "Snow Queen"
Iris siberica "Snow Queen"
Iris, German bearded "Beverly Sills"
Iris, German bearded "Before the Storm"
Iris, German bearded "Blue Sapphire"
Iris, German bearded "Buckwheat"
Iris, German bearded "Cimarron Strip"
Iris, German bearded "Immortality"
Iris, German bearded "Orange Chariot"
Iris, German bearded "Rosalie Figge"
Iris, German bearded "Sea Double"
Iris, German bearded "Summer Olympics"

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Leucanthemum "Banana Cream" (Shasta)
Leucanthemum "Becky" (Shasta)
Leucanthemum "Real Dream" (Shasta)
Leucanthemum "Real Neat" (Shasta)
Leucanthemum "Snowcap" (Shasta)
Leucanthemum "Snowcap" (Shasta)
Leucanthemum "Victorian Secret" (Shasta)
Liatris "Kobold" (Gayfeather)
Lupin "Mini Gallery Blue"
Lupin "Mini Gallery Blue Bicolor"
Lupin "Mini Gallery Pink Bicolor"
Lupin "Mini Gallery Red"
Lupin "Mini Gallery Yellow"
Lysmachia clethroides (goose-necked loosestrife)

Monarda "Balmy Lilac" (Bee Balm)
Monarda "Balmy Purple" (Bee Balm)
Monarda "Coral reef" (Bee Balm)
Mondarda "Cranberry Lace (Bee Balm)
Monarda "Dark Ponticum" (Bee Balm)
Monarda "Jacob Kline" (Bee Balm)
Monarda "Raspberry Wine"

Nepeta "6 Hills Giant"
Nepeta "Walker's Low"
Nepeta fas. "Blue Wonder"

Penstemon "Prairie Dusk"
Penstemon digitalis "Dark Towers"
Penstemon digitalis "Huskers Red"
Peony "Duchess de Nemours"" (Double)
Peony "Mons. Martin Cahuzac" (Double Red)
Peony "Sarah Bernhardt" (Double Pink)
Perovskia a. "Lacy Blue" (Russian sage)
Perovskia atriplicifolia (Russian sage)
Phlox pan. "Bright Eyes" (Garden Phlox)
Phlox pan. "Bubblegum Pink" (Garden Phlox)
Phlox pan. "Cherry Cream" (Garden Phlox)
Phlox pan. "Cleopatra" (Garden Phlox)
Phlox pan. "David" (Garden Phlox)
Phlox pan. "Glamour Girl" (Garden Phlox)
Phlox pan. "Laura" (Garden Phlox)
Phlox pan. "Nicki" (Garden Phlox)
Phlox pan. "Purple Kiss" (Garden Phlox)
Phlox pan. "Starfire" (Garden Phlox)
Phlox pan. "Younique Orange" (Garden Phlox)
Physostegia "Autumn Carnival"
Physostegia "Crystal Peak White"
Platycodon "Sentimental blue"
Platycodon grand. "Fuji Blue"

Rudbeckia "Little Goldstar"
Rudbeckia ful."Goldstrum"

Salvia "East Friesland"
Scabiosa col. "Blue Butterfly"
Sedum "Autumn Joy"
Sedum "Bertram Anderson"
Sedum "Popstar"
Sedum "Sunsparkler Dazzleberry"
Sedum "Touchdown Teak"
Sedum seiboldii
Sedum spect. "Autumn Fire"
Stokesia "Colorwheel"

Trollius chin. "Orange Crest"
Trollius europaeus "New Moon"

Veronica "First Kiss (speedwell)
Veronica "First Lady" (speedwell)
Veronica "Moody Blues Dark Blue"
Veronica "Moody Blues Pink"
Veronica "Moody Blues Sky Blue"
Veronica "Moody Blues White"
Veronica "Pink Eveline"
Veronica "Royal Candles"
Veronicastrum vir. "Cupid"
Viola odorata "Celestial Midnight"

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