Our Wine Cellar
We are very excited to be able to sell wine at the Farm - really does make the circle complete: farm plants to harvest to wine producers and back to farm. Our partners are Hermit Woods Winery, Sap House Meadery, and Hill People Winery:

Wine Cellar
Hill People Winery: We're so excited to have wines from our friends Gunnar Berg and Catherine Graham right here in North Sandwich. They are right up the road and a couple of steep hills, producing wines made from their own cold-hardy grapes, including Marquette, Marechal Foch, Fontenac, LaCrescent, Louise Swenson, and Prairie Star. They also make good use of our Great Northern Berries honeyberries, aronia berries, and raspberries, as well as Maine blueberries, an annual harvest of dandelions from the Steele Farm in Wonalancet, tomatoes from Whitegate Farm, and local pears.

Hill People Wines available at the Farm:
Blue Lagoon
A blend of Maine low bush blueberries and Great Northern honeyberries; a dry, fruity red wine suitable for all dishes or all by itself anytime.

Rare Appearance
A pure pear dry white wine, lightly oaked; Rated 'Best Ever' by people who know.

You Say Tomato
Yes - pure tomato wine. Don't knock it till you've tried it; dry white wine that pairs very nicely with pasta and seafood dishes.

Honey I'm Home
Pure dry honebyerry wine from Great Northern Berries honeyberries.

Razzel Dazzel
A dry but fruity red wine from Great Norther Berries red raspberries.

Pure dry cranberry wine made from cranberries harvested at the Ambrose Pit in Sandwich.

Grapes of Cath
A blend of Priarie Star and LaCrescent cold hardy grapes grown on site at Hill People Winery. Dry with a zing and granite body.

Sap House Meadery: Ash Fischbein and Matt Trahan are the local creators of award-winning meads, a honey based alcoholic beverage with ancient roots. They value community building and strive to source their ingredients locally. Meads we stock at the Farm include Honeyberry & Raspberry, made with our fruit, and their signature varieties: Sugar Maple, Hopped Blueberry Maple, Vanilla Bean, & Traditional Mead.

From the Sap House (

"Beer is from grain, wine is from grapes and mead is made from honey. Mead is the oldest fermented beverage in the world; predating grape wine and beer - going back to the Egyptians over 7000 years ago. Some remember it from the stories of Beowulf, Robin Hood, Game of Thrones, the Vikings and Middle Ages, but goes back much farther in time. Believe it or not the term "Honeymoon" was derived from mead. It was believed that in the Anglo-Saxon period, on their wedding day, the grooms parent would provide the newlywed couple enough mead to last one full month or moon cycle. It was believed that the consumption of all of this mead would help in the conception of a boy. Thus carrying on the namesake and lineage of the paternal family.
Our process at Sap House Meadery is not much different than the ways of the past. Maybe a little more knowledge and understanding of how it works, but the principals and concepts remain.  We dissolve honey and water together, add a cultured wine yeast and before long, the wine yeast is eating the sugars in the honey, turning the sugars into alcohol and CO2. This fermentation takes place for 4-5 weeks. Once the fermentation has almost completed, we transfer our newly fermented liquid into a new sanitized tank. This is called racking. We will rack our meads every 6-8 weeks for about a year. When we began, we would age for a minimum of 6 months, but now with our expansion, we are able to age much longer than that. This aging process is critical to a complex, smooth and enjoyable mead.
Enjoying mead should be a multi-dimensional experience. The finished product should be well-balanced, well-bodied and complex. When you sip our meads you should find in them the perfect balance of acidity, sweetness, and mouth feel. The alcohol within mead should itself become a complexity, subtle and never too apparent. In taste and in aromatics delicate notes of honey should present themselves. To craft a well-balanced mead is an art, although we only dictate so much of the process. We cannot tell the mead when to be ready. With the proper time in aging, and the choicest ingredients possible, it tells us.
At Sap House Meadery we value community building and strive to source our ingredients locally. We are committed to creating a product that is steeped in history, produced naturally, and enjoyed universally. Our meads are created with a passion for the land and in homage to the bees that keep the land going. Ask for our meads at your local wine shop or grocer, and stop by the Meadery to enjoy our process, have a tasting, and experience our passion."

Their meads available at the Farm:

Raspberry Mead
Made with a ‘ridiculous’ amount of Great Northern Berries raspberries and honey, this mead is a sweet dessert mead!

Vanilla Bean
Just enough sweetness to really give the vanilla some meat to grab on to but not enough to be cloying. The fair trade and organic Indian vanilla beans used in this mead have a more subtle, floral sweetness to them. As opposed to a more spicy Madagascar bean, these impart an almost cream soda quality to the finish.
Break out your best snifter or scotch glass, pour a finger or two and let it breath, warm and open up.

Hermit Woods Winery: Ken Hardcastle, Bob Manley, and Chuck Lawrence produce award-winning and handcrafted wines made from a unique combination of locally sourced fruit, honey, and flowers, in some cases wild-foraged. Wines sold at the Farm made with our berries include Strawberry Rhubarb and Honeyberry. We also stock Cassis Oak, Sparkling Harvest Apple, & Black Oak.

From Hermit Woods (

"Old world character meets new world fruit—each of our award-winning and handcrafted wines is made from a unique combination of locally sourced fruit, honey, and flowers, in some cases wild-foraged. Our process is devotedly hands-on from vine to bottle, using old world techniques with the highest level of care and integrity. The result is wine with rich, complex flavors. All of our wines are vegan (with the exception of honey wines), gluten-free, raw, and mostly organic to Best Management Practices—and an excellent accompaniment to a variety of foods.

The care and creativity that goes into our wines have resulted in Hermit Woods becoming one of Northern New England’s most sought-after artisan brands. If you can’t visit us at the winery, you can find our award-winning wines for sale at select, independently owned liquor stores and restaurants throughout New Hampshire."

Strawberry Rhubarb
Great Northern Berries strawberries and a touch of whole organic rhubarb fermented together into a surprisingly light and refreshing wine with a mouthwatering tang and lingering dryness (augmented by a wine made from local Autumn berries). Enjoy this medium sweetness wine with salads and lighter fare.

Honeyberry Wine
A wonderful cold hardy fruit grown pesticide free by Great Northern Berries here in NH, these honeyberries are reminiscent of blueberries but with their own unique flavor.  This wine is crafted as a rich, dark, complex wine bursting with bright acidity and dark berry flavors.

Winnipesaukee Rose
A blend of two classic New England fruits: cranberries and apples in this rich, sweet, and tangy wine.

Kiwi Berry
Kiwi wine is crafted from kiwi berries similar in flavor to New Zealand/CA kiwis. A dry wine with delicate fruitiness and long dry tart finish.


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